We are the high and low voltage construction and maintenance specialists, carrying out project works on 240V to 330kV overhead powerlines and terminal & zone substations.

LivePower can deliver a fully-inclusive service or provide a small element of a larger project. We are flexible and our customers have choice.

Dependable contractor-to-management systems and procedures ensure cost efficient and effective delivery.

Our experienced personnel manage the installation of construction and maintenance projects of any size.


LivePower provides teams of qualified personnel who install, repair and replace overhead powerlines. The varied projects we support ensure that the range of line skills and qualifications of our teams are constantly refreshed. LivePower can deliver a fully-inclusive service or a small element of a larger project; we think this flexibility provides more choice for our customers.

Our customised plant perfectly supports our overhead line-crews. This eliminates under-utilised and non-essential personnel and plant which reduces cost for the customer and enhances safety on site.

Great teams and equipment means our customers are able to meet their network responsibilities without compromising quality or safety. We can provide a customer with the right team, when they need them, where they need them!


LivePower has considerable specialist experience in construction and maintenance of 132kV and 330kV projects. Drawing on Andrew Findlay’s experience within Western Power’s transmission section, we are able to confidently deliver on projects both in the country and metropolitan. Because we offer a combination of distribution and transmission line services, we are the natural first choice when projects demand both capabilities.

LivePower is also one of only three preferred vendors to Western Power for the maintenance and construction of its overhead transmission network and is the singular contractor for the preventative Powersil Maintenance program both on its transmission lines and substations.

Hiab Borers | Plant & Equipment

LivePower's unique and specialised Hiab Borers and Crane Borers are multipurpose vehicles which are able to undertake:

  • Auger boring
  • Pole, transformer and crossarm changes
  • Stump pulling
  • Installation of screw anchors
  • Transportation of materials to and from site - the protective side rails installed on all our Hiab vehicles provides greater safety and security for the load ensuring materials don't leave our vehicles until they arrive on site! 
  • Transportation of up to four 12.5m poles at one time
  • Automatic tyre deflation systems for sandy ground
  • 4x4 also available with winch
These vehicles provide a cost and time efficient solution for our customers
Other plant used to provide a safe and efficient service on site include:
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Vacuum excavators
  • GPR and electronic locating equipment
  • Powersil application spray units
  • 4x4 support vehicles